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Phosphorous Acid Products

Fang Chemicals Inc. is a global chemical company specializing in distributing and marketing phosphoric acid, phosphorous acid, and other phosphorous chemicals.

Phosphorous acid described by the formula P(OH)3 is also known as phosphonic acid with the structure formula HPO(OH)2. Phosphorous acid is a powerful reducing agent and is a moderately strong dibasic acid. The most vital uses for phosphorous acid are the production of phosphonates used in water treatment as well as the production of potassium phosphites which have shown effectiveness in controlling a variety of microbial plant diseases. Phosphorous acid is generally an intermediate in the production of other phosphorus compounds, and other applications for the product include synthesis of phosphite salts for use in lab tests, as plastic stabilizers, and it can even be used in the pesticide industry.

There is no domestic phosphorous acid available to the public, and the entire product sold on the market today is imported from China. Since 2006, Fang Chemicals has been importing crystalline phosphorous acid, 99% H3PO3, and we have the ability to offer liquid phosphorous acid, 70% & 80% H3PO3 from Carrollton, Georgia. To learn more about how our phosphorous acid can help your organization, contact us or see the table below.

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