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Aluminum Polishing Solution

Since 1987, Fang Chemicals Inc. has been successfully servicing the entire phosphoric acid industry – such as metal finishing, electronics, food processing, and water treatment – by specializing in a variety of phosphorous chemicals including phosphoric acid and phosphorous acid.

Chemical polishing of aluminum, also known as “Bright Dip,” is widely used to produce specular finishes on aluminum alloys for various modern applications. This method is gaining popularity because of its low-cost method of increasing the value of many aluminum products. The finish is comparable to the luster normally obtained by electropolishing, and Bright Dipped aluminum is replacing many electro-polished or electro-plated parts for specialty items such as automotive trims, picture frames, cosmetic containers, and many others.

Fang Chemicals has developed three proprietary formulas designed for surface polishing of aluminum and aluminum alloy: 80FC, Fangbrite 15, and Fangbrite 178. All three solutions have been successfully used in the aluminum finishing industry. To see how our aluminum polishing solutions can help with your next project, contact us or see the information below.

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